Unravel my writing struggle. How to learn English.


I’m trying to learn English so I write a lot. I write a lot and mistakes are made. I make mistakes because I’m still in the middle of a long-life learning process.

Putting all of my notes together in one file will be a great idea. I have to write something before I lose the flow. But there is a story behind on how this started. One day during an English lesson, I promised my teacher to write as frequent as possible to work on my language skills. At the beginning, I was quite a skeptic and even though I love writing in Polish I didn’t have an idea as to how I could even start to write in English. To encourage myself I started reading more and memorized the most interesting phrases. Then I rewrote them in several versions or even changed the word order for different meanings. It’s quite easy to spot that each author has their specific way of expressing thoughts and favorite phrases.Not too long after the majority of the odd vocabularies will become familiar. Then I gave my writing again. It was a bit better but still not perfect. I felt that I tilt at windmills and all that goes nowhere. My dream – admittedly a bit unrealistic or perhaps unattainable – is to write a book in English one day. But Shush! For now, I’ll put it on the bucket list. Or on my list of unfulfilled dreams.