How to talk to a photographer?

Photographers are humans but how to speak their language? Let’s hear a story of trying to take perfect profile pictures. Speaking the language of ‘trust’


When you refresh your website and suddenly old portraits make you think that maybe it’s time to update your public image. Let’s call it ‘aha’ moment. Most likely you will make this brilliant idea and grab your smartphone, put a bit of makeup on and make yourself a picture. Then you try to upload it and all of a sudden it doesn’t match brand colors on the website or the resolution is not enough. Nope, it’s not how you’d like to present yourself in the online world. 

Second thought

First round of trying, one day has already gone forever. How discouraging. There must be another way to complete the task that saves my time. But as it is not a priority for business, the next attempt is going to take some time.

One month later

You’ve been invited as an expert to one of the online conferences. You said ‘yes’ a long time ago but only now the organizers ask you to send some marketing materials. But easy, you have one week to deliver the files. 

Let’s sit and think who’s out there with a DSLR camera? Sure, Clara was lately on holidays and her pictures were stunning. You call them and explain: you know, I just need something to update my profile picture.. You know, a white background, my interview shirt and a bit of makeup.


Yes, I’ve got some pictures for now. Slowly but surely you can send them out and maybe update your profile picture. Wait a second.. Does it match your brand board? Or latest communication? Sure, but not for now. For now I’m fine and I need to take a rest from taking pictures.

To be continued

One week after someone from BBC station asks you for an interview as they were interested to see your point of view as an expert. Can you guess what they will ask you for? You start pulling your hair out because they want you to send a profile picture to publish together with an article. 

Can you feel that circle of events that seems to be neglected forever? Now you dream again about having things done in the first place. Stepping the same unsolved path for some time might be frustrating and holding back more important strategic decisions.

There are three currencies that my clients value the most. Time, nerves, money. If you want to save some money on great pictures, you need to spend much more time and nerves. If you want to save time, you need to bring more money. If you don’t mind pulling your nerves then surely you spend them a lot on saving money and time. This triangle shows the value priorities. There’s no harm in hiring one professional that will not only help you to work on your image but also save you a lot of time and nerves.

There is no right or wrong way of starting cooperation with a professional photographer but there is always space for discussions and questions.

How to speak the same language as a photographer? Find one that you feel connected with and see what happens.

That’s the reason why I share this way of explanation to highlight supportive role of photographers work. I am the camera woman and I am here to assist you on your journey.
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