The cutest museum in Warsaw

If you fancy experiencing a little bit of Warsaw don’t shut that window. Toying with the idea of being a tourist again I decided to have a crack at something new. But is there anything new to discover in the city where I used to dwell for over 10 years?
Thinking further about unique and novel spots in Warsaw, this Neon Museum seems to be the right choice. Catchy letters, industrial surrounding and the collection of advertising signage from the ‘50s. But let’s start from the beginning.

This exhibit was established by people passionate about neon signs. Initially they wanted to preserve and renovate one of the most famous and damaged city’s signage. There was no economic rub nor profit lust for greed behind it. More and more neon signs were brought on-board and all of a sudden the whole collection has expanded massively.

Such a great example of working with the passion – the purest of the pure – which has transmuted into impressive collection, hence into the private museum of Neon masterpieces.
The popularity of retro advertising encouraged modern fancy foodie spots to try out neon signs for themselves. Thereafter, having a neon window front, became a must-have shortly and a significant trend in the city. Maybe it’s too early to hail Warsaw as “the City of Neons” but I believe it might be its near future.
Hello and welcome to the unofficial city of neon.