Two Ideas for Automatic Photo and Video Organisation

So what’s up today? Today is the last day of April. Uff, no winter lasts forever. It feels like spring has sprung for good and May bank holiday is just around the corner. Today the Friday feeling has begun on Thursday.

As a photo and video maker I cannot imagine a day without a single opportunity of capturing something interesting by phone. It’s not about a must it’s more about noticing life as it goes and mastering the art of living is a high priority. 

There are different reasons why we want to keep memories alive. This might be an emotional connection when we know how precious the moment of taking a photo felt. It might also be an epiphany moment when we notice something beautiful in ordinary or watch a situation from a new perspective. What resonates with you mostly?

Capturing everyday life became a reason why I constantly search for tools that will help me to keep the memories alive and give me easy access to. Trust me, I’ve been trialing various apps, docs and softwares for years now and I can tell that there are two that resonate with me a lot. Sharing is caring and I thought of sharing that broader so maybe some of you find it inspiring and useful,

Do you like taking photos?

I do. This is also how I do my living and first of a lifelong learning journey. The photography topic is so broad that once you’re hooked there’s always a space for improvement. Comparing today’s work to the past pieces is a nice way of self improvement and it’s even better when there’s a nice software that helps with that. I find Google Photos the most trustworthy one not only for safety reasons but also archive options and memories updates. Is there a nicer way of soppy moment when you open your phone and the whole collection of pictures pops in taken exactly that day a year ago? Or three years from now. Every time it happens I’m touched.  From the photographer perspective it’s an incredible way of seeing how my taste or skills has changed. If you’re interested in how to make the best out of this tool, check the whole article in here. 

How about the videos? What is the best way of storing them?

I can tell that in the beginning of my video making journey I found it overwhelming how to categorise and store the client’s videos. I was trying to find a secret solution and apply to my work. But what seemed to work out for other professionals didn’t work for myself. The whole process of retaining data became my sweet secret now and I won’t hesitate to share it with my pupils during video workshops that I hold. While professional life is sorted I started thinking about my everyday life and keep tidy here alike. 

Show me your video files and I’ll tell you who you are. 

Marta Padysz

Then, believe or not but the concept of One Second a day arrived at my app store. How timely. What they state for is ‘Life is made of seconds. Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life’. As simple as that I’ve started recording daily seconds on a regular basis. Since December ‘19 I’ve been creating the monthly slots but it’s really up to you to find a frequency you like. One second to represent your day’s adventures. One second to prove that day happened. At the end of the year or the week, or the self isolation period. Here’s the link for one second everyday playlist. I’d love to hear from you if collecting memories is something that excites you as much as it does to me.

One second a day. Is it a lot or not a lot?! This is a question. Tell me what you think.