one wicked and gloomy cave

Far, far away, somewhere in the world, there is a cave where a torch is not needed. Sounds quite mysterious, doesn’t it? But let me explain a bit.
Lighting inside the cave is created naturally, by small residents called Arachnocampa – tiny wormish-spiders.

These small flies generate light in the larval stage, and because they spend most of its life at this stage, the cave is constantly lit. The larva will hang under the eaves of the cave type of network in which they catch the victims, just like the spiders. The strongest light emits these the most hungry. Luminescence helps them to attract the victims: all kinds of flies, moths or mosquitoes. As you can see on the pictures there is a plethora of hungry creatures.

Where is it located? It’s on the north island of New Zealand and located in the southern part of the Waikato region.

High relaxation level is guaranteed and more importantly you can either walk through the cave or float through it by tube (then it’s called black water rafting). Of course, the second option thrills the most. After that an exhilarating one-to-one encounter with the flies follows. I will never forget the feeling when after two hours of caving we entered the main chamber on floating tubes. Drifting there and staring at the luminescent ceiling was just exhilarating.