On my way again – The first impression of Andalusia

I took off from grayish Dublin and landed in bloomed Andalusia. How Timely! Such a nice relief to throw off long sleeves again. It’s been a while since I felt a solid dose of the sun and vitamin D on my face. It seems like the sun is the best remedy to boost our energy. Does any one of you recognize that feeling? Or maybe in your latitude spring has already sprung?

All over the world, people seem to long for something better, something different and something that we do not possess. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Today I’m just grateful for everything I have, especially for a chance to travel the world and the possibility to ask questions on my way.

How would it have been if I was born in Spain? Would I speak so loudly then? What would my skin color be? Would I get used to eating dinner late? What if we could understand, accept each and every piece of individuality?

The more I travel, more and more questions appear. I don’t want to stop just now and I believe the answers will appear one day.