Meet the wooden mushrooms in Seville

Staying away from crowded-touristic areas is not as easy as pie, is it? To escape the vivid street life, there is one perfect spot in Sevilla. Metropol Parasol as a perfect example of how town-and-country planning may influence citizens life. Atop of Seville.

Hailed as the world’s largest wooden structure, the design in timber acts as intended – as a gathering point: a place for interaction, in which ancient is connected with present, earth with sky. A rooftop walkway affords visitors a magnificent view of Seville but also delight you with awe-inspiring construction. This is what I call priceless experience.

Martasy’s tip: allow yourself a small let-up with a choice of drinks served in a bistro bar up there. It definitely left me with memory saying “sky isn’t the limit, the sky is only the beginning”.