How was your weekend?

Welcome Monday. I can bet a million that the most popular question today is: Hi, how was your weekend? And there is nothing wrong with that question at all. We’re all excited about being off or spending some time out of office. But what if we don’t have an interesting answer or haven’t done anything exciting this time? What if we spent all weekend in bed trying to escape it all for a while?

Since I started experimenting with photography I understood one thing. I don’t have to travel to the end of the world for amazing shots. More important is to practice regularly rather than waiting for a perfect moment or place. Would you like to start together with me?

From now onwards I promise to take my camera out more often and by looking around shot as much as I can. Having said that let me publish some of those homely “snappy” shots. All of them were taken this summer in Howth, one of the most stunning village beyond Dublin. That’s my satisfaction.

If you’re also interested in taking more photos without traveling, this Calendar might be an inspiration you need. It has 365 photo ideas for each day of the year. Enjoy!