About Martasy

Marta Padysz

“love to travel, love to create” became the essence of my life. It’s hard to say what was the first or which triggers which. Those two seem to be good companions for each other and there is no reason to stop mixing them.
Do I travel to take photos or take photos because I travel? Really I don’t know yet. Does it even matter?

When I’m not with the camera in my hands, I’m reading. Or I do yoga. Or just alive. Just living is an art that I learn all the time. 

Find yourself three passions. First, that makes your living. Next, that keeps you creative. Third, that keeps you healthy and balanced.

My name is Marta and welcome to Martasy. Marta plus Fantasy makes it Martasy. My creation is about images, animations and tiny visuals that amaze me every day. I believe that everyday life can be the biggest inspiration – we just have to let it flow. It can be street art or the cloud’s shade. I see pictures all around and that’s how I collect memories.

I hope this space inspires and encourages you to take the next step closer to take visual content into next level.

How can we cooperate?

The best way to start is to book a free online consultation with me. During this 15 minutes we will discuss the current needs and the next steps.